Your First Ointment Mill

We are looking for our first ointment mill.

EXAKT 50 and 50EC Ointment MillsWhether you are an existing pharmacy starting to compound topical preparations, or a new pharmacy placing an initial order for essential compounding equipment, EXAKT has two models to choose from – the EXAKT Classic 50 and the EXAKT 50EC+.

The EXAKT 50 is the “Classic” ointment mill and a great choice if your pharmacy will be compounding small batches of basic topical formulations. Depending upon the product being milled, this machine produces output quantities from .02 to 7 liters per hour.

The EXAKT 50EC+ is a modular ointment mill, designed with removable rollers for easy cleaning. The 50EC+ is the best choice if your pharmacy will be compounding a variety of topical preparations, or if you are looking for increased efficiency of the cleaning process. The 50EC+ produces output quantities similar to the EXAKT 50 Classic, but offers ease of cleaning and additional unique features not offered on the Classic.