Your Three Roll Mill May Need a Tune-up

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Has your three roll mill been serviced in the last two years?

EXAKT three roll mills rarely require repair, but sometimes a tune-up can help improve the performance of your machine and provide years of worry-free use. For smaller mills, we can turn your mill around the same day it’s received to minimize down time. For larger mills, simply schedule time for an on-site service call. EXAKT charges a daily rate plus travel expenses.

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EXAKT is the only place to get:

  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Original manufactured parts
  • Expert technical support


Compact Performance

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EXAKT’s G-Line series of three roll mills were designed for compact performance and ease of operation. Expect an outstanding price/performance ratio with these mills. Call: 800-866-7172 for more info.

EXAKT 80 - Pharmacy Mills

EXAKT Three Roll Mills for Nanocarbons

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EXAKT three roll mills for nanocarbons

Nanocarbons, especially carbon nanotubes or graphenes, are the basis of a variety of new materials and products, e.g. for modern lightweight construction, for solar cells based on fullerenes, or flame arresters in foams. EXAKT Three Roll Mills are crucially important in the research, development and production of this versatile material group. They enable high-precision dispersion down to the nano range with a defined, targeted and careful energy input.

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