EXAKT 400 CS, AW110

Surface grinder maintains plane parallel grinding.

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EXAKT-400-Cutting & Grinding


EXAKT has perfected a surface grinder that maintains plane parallel grinding with a user determined shutoff capability. Sample thicknesses in the range of 20 µm can be achieved easily. Accurate to within ± 1.5 microns, the system uses abrasive papers and films to prepare the required surface.

This grinder is perfect for processing difficult materials and hard/soft combinations.

Optional Equipment

The AW110 Control allows the user to set the machine to grind to predetermined levels then automatically shut off.

Technical Specifications

EXAKT 400 CS Samples 
Minimum thickness µm 5 – 10L
Slides 25 x 76,50 x 100
Grinding Disk
Dimensions (mm) 300 diameter
Revolutions (min-1) 10-200
Options Diamond layer (D46)
Grinding Media Grinding paper / films
Dimensions (mm) ø270 – 300
Grinding Adjustment Mechanical digital micrometer
with pre-set value
Options Electronic Measuring & Control System ( AW110)
Weight (kg) 90
Width (mm) 800
Depth (mm) 800
Height (mm) 600