EXAKT 50 IThe EXAKT 50 I is an indispensable tool for the laboratory or small batch producer. The small frame takes up little room on the lab bench, yet offers the operator the versatility of dispersing a wide variety of products. This unit is specially designed for quantities up to 7 liters per hour and particle fineness down to 20 µm. Learn more.


EXAKT 80 - Pharmacy MillsWith an output up to 45 liters per hour, the EXAKT 80 delivers greater production capacity while still maintaining a space-saving footprint. A more powerful motor and larger roller diameter mean more applications are possible. The larger diameter rollers also provide more shear force during processing. And, since more force can generate more heat in the product, the EXAKT 80 is available with an internal heating/cooling system for the rollers. Learn more.

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