Many of our customers look to us to provide our expert opinions on ointment mills and how it best can meet their needs. Below is additional information that will help you learn more about ointment mills and guide you in your decision making process. Of course, you can always pick up the phone and call us at 800.866.7172 if you prefer to talk to a person.

Choosing the right mill for you.

We are looking for our first ointment mill.

We are preparing many different topical preparations and need additional mills.

We are preparing larger batch sizes and we need a larger mill.

We are preparing large batch sizes and are looking for a “smart” mill that is programmable, ensuring the greatest repeatability.

Why Choose EXAKT Mills vs Others?

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A Comparative Study of Ointment Mills

Three Roll Mills vs Electric Mixing Systems, V.A. Michler, November 2010 . Download