EXAKT Mortars & Pestles

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Both the Mortar and Pestle are constructed of Melamine making them more durable than glass or ceramic.  Mortar has a pouring spout. Great for mixing powders, ointments, creams and gels.  Also available is a Pestle Holder, which holds two pestles and several mortar scrapers.

Part #
25394  Melamine Mortar 150 mm diameter
25396  Melamine Mortar 180 mm diameter
25393  Melamine Mortar 125 mm diameter
25401  Melamine Pestle 145 mm length
25402  Melamine Pestle 160 mm length
25403  Melamine Pestle 220 mm length
26525  Pestle Holder

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EXAKT Mortar & Pestles