EXAKT 120E-450 RX

Electronic Series

An extremely stable, state-of-the-art, electronically controlled design that more than meets your high capacity requirements.

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EXAKT 120E-450 - Pharmacy Mills


The EXAKT 120E-450 Rx is a great option for PCAB approved pharmacies and pharmacies adhering to stringent quality standards. This model combines the flexible technologies of the EXAKT 120S-450 Rx with state-of-the-art control and programming. Manufactured with an extremely stable mechanical design, it will definitely meet your high capacity requirements; plus, the highly torsion-resistant frame and rolls and electronic control support the reproducibility of its results.

The highly sophisticated control features normally found only on the most up-to-date production mills can now be used in pharmacies where greater efficiencies are required. You’ll experience exceptional operational flexibility, outstanding reliability and repeatability as well as extraordinary precision and particle dispersion control.

Unique Features

Unique Gap Control

  • THe EXAKT 120E-450 Rx allows you to control the size of the gap between the rollers in microns, resulting in superior precision and repeatability.
  • The gaps are continuously monitored and adjusted by the control system to maintain the pre-set value which also provides continuous and automatic roller alignment.
  • The unique calibration system adjusts the rollers prior to startup.
  • Gap size is controlled and rollers are kept parallel, ensuring optimal reproducibility.
  • Force sensors on the outer edges of the roller axes, coupled with finely calibrated motors, ensure that roller alignment remains constant.

Programmability and Scale-up

The electronic control package has several levels of features:

  • Operational parameters can be stored in 99 discreet programs including sub-programs for products requiring multiple process runs
  • Parameters that can be set are roller speed and gap settings
  • The control system will default to last program run on the mill when the main power supply is turned on.
  • RS 232/USB interface capability (optional) providing Data Logging etc.
  • The operator control panel provides real-time operational displays.

Options available with the EXAKT E-Series Models

  • EXAKT DataLog software – allows users to transmit operating parameters of the EXAKT E-Series via serial interface RS232 to a PC.


  • Maximum product fineness up to < 1 micron, depending on the product
  • Output quantities from 1 to 60 liters per hour


  • Chemically inert rollers made of aluminum oxide
  • Scraper knife made of plastics and aluminum oxide
  • Universal scraper system with PFA coating


  • Throughput liters/hour min-max* – 1-60
  • Roller diameter mm – 120
  • Roller length mm – 450
  • Roller speed ratio – 9:3:1
  • Roller material – aluminum oxide

*average depending on the product


  • Cleaning mode – the mill defaults to the maximum gap spacing and minimum torque.
  • The direction of the rollers can be reversed once stopped by the emergency stop system or during normal operation.
  • Emergency stop function
  • Electrical and measured force value overload protection
  • Drip tray with integrated hand guard and security switch.


  • Hopper with hand guard and security switch
  • Multifuncational scraper system
  • Cleaning bar with security switch
  • Electronic brake
  • Additional stop using two antenna type off switches and a nip guard
  • CE mark


  • Variable speed motor – 200-240V, 50/60Hz, Three phase power requirement
  • The EXAKT 120E-450 Rx is equipped with a Multifunctional Scraper System with:
    • Self aligning scraper knife
    • Damped scraper knife movement
    • Adjustable scraper angle
    • Exchangeable scraper blade, no tools needed
    • Variable apron outlet width
    • Adjustable scraper tensioning, with scale
    • PFA coating to improve product flow and facilitate cleaning
  • Speed control by frequency inverter to adjust the production speed to the product viscosity
  • Cooling and heating capability in the roller system
  • Stainless steel hopper , PFA Coating optional
  • Splashguard for easier cleaning
  • Dust cover

Safety Kit

Side Control Panel - EXAKT 120E-450SAFETY is the standard at EXAKT!

For operational, legal and economic reasons, comprehensive accident prevention is a core issue.

Features such as an emergency-stop push button, stainless steel hopper with hand guard with hand guard and security switch, drip tray, secured scraper socket, electronic brake, and many more are available on the larger models.  See individual details by model for complete safety features.

All electronically controlled models (E-models) meet or exceed the safety requirements specified in ANSI and come with extensive safety equipment as standard.  The E-series models include new levels of safety with features such as a cleaning mode, reverse roller direction, and additional safety stops as standard.  Refer to the E-Series Safety Features and Supplementary Safety Kit  for 80E for details.