EXAKT 120S Plus


Performance that meets or exceeds that of much larger production models

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The EXAKT 120S-450 is rich with features and provides performance that meets or exceeds that of much larger production models. The unique tensioning system minimizes the free play in the roller ball bearings insuring a more constant gap and ultimately a finer, more uniform particle size in the product. And the gap is easily set with a single hand wheel for parallel roller adjustment to 5-7 microns at its closest setting.


  • Product particle fineness from 1 to 20 micron, depending on the product (submicron for special applications).
  • Output quantities from 1 to 60 liters per hour.


  • Stainless steel hopper with hand guard and security switch.
  • Secured scraper socket.
  • Emergency-stop pushbutton.
  • Two additional antenna-type “off” switches.
  • Electronic brake.
  • Cleaning bar with security switch for safer cleaning.
  • CE certified.


  • Chemically inert rollers made of aluminum oxide.
  • Scraper knife made of plastics and aluminum oxide.
  • Universal scraper system with PFA coating.


  • Throughput liters/hour min-max* – 1-60.
  • Roller diameter mm – 120.
  • Roller length mm – 450.
  • Roller speed ratio – 9:3:1.
  • Roller material – aluminum oxide.

*average depending on the product


  • EXAKT’s pre-tensioning system for constant roller spacing guarantees uniform particle size
  • Variable speed motor
  • Continuously adjustable roller gap with one-point gap adjustment
  • Universal Scraper System with:
    • Variable apron outlet width
    • Easily adjustable spring-loaded scraper socket for optimum efficiency
  • Stainless steel hopper, PFA Coating optional
  • Splashguard for easier cleaning
  • Dust cover
  • Option: Heating and cooling capability for all rollers and roller materials.  This model is equipped with an internal circulation system for heating or cooling the rollers.