For the serious compounder

Our Easy Clean Plus Modular Mill offers greater control and makes clean-up easier than ever.

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EXAKT 50EC+ - Easy Clean - Pharmacy Mills


For producing truly elegant preparations of creams, ointments or gels there is no tool more effective or more complete than an ointment mill. And now the EXAKT 50 EC+ delivers more control in making that elegant preparation. The process happening in those gaps is a function of the precise narrowness of the gaps and the speed at which the rollers turn against each other. The new 50EC+ with variable speed now increases that control. The benefits continue with an ointment mill that’s so easy to clean. Removing and replacing the rollers is a “snap.” With the 50EC+, you can remove its fully submersible solid rollers – take them to the sink, clean them thoroughly and then replace them. This cuts down on cleaning time and cross contamination between products. Most importantly, the alignment of the gaps is maintained.

Unique Features

  • Variable speed control
    The EXAKT 50EC+ is now equipped with variable speed control. This gives the technician complete control over the shear in the gap. The lower the speed and/or the wider the gaps, the lower the shear. This may be particularly beneficial for formulations that react to milling by becoming too thick or too tacky under high shear conditions.
  • New aluminum oxide rollers
    For long term performance, solid aluminum oxide rollers are harder and more durable than solid porcelain rollers and, since aluminum oxide is less porous, cleaning is easier. For the serious compounder, these rollers will help to insure minimum particle fineness.
  • More motor torque
    The EXAKT 50EC+ has a new motor that delivers more torque. This dramatically helps performance in those formulations with high concentrations of actives and a high “tackiness” factor.
  • Emergency stop and mechanical and electrical overload protection.
    The EXAKT 50EC+ is the first small pharmacy mill with a top mounted emergency stop button. In addition, unlike other ointment mills from other companies, this mill and the classic mill include an internal mechanical switch to sense an overload and shut down the motor before any motor damage can be done.
  • Increased productivity and durability like no other easy clean ointment mill
    With the purchase of an extra set of rollers, you can increase efficiency by having a clean set ready for your next preparation. Unlike other ointment mills that have hollow rollers, our rollers are solid and can be submerged in water. The alignment of the gaps is maintained because the rollers remain in one solid unit when removed from the machine. Removable rollers cut down on cleaning time and cross contamination between preparations.
  • Self-adjusting scraper with easy to adjust tension
    The single spindle scraper apron self-adjusts to the surface of the rollers. No more positioning on pins. And for better product removal, the tension of the scraper is adjustable on the front of the machine.
  • Stationary splash tray
    This feature mounts securely under the rollers and is recessed to capture spills and/or overflows.
  • Dial indicators for more precision in setting gaps
    New graduated dials give you a broader range of repeatable settings.


  • Product particle fineness less than 20 micron, depending on the product.
  • Output quantities from 0.02 to 7 liters per hour.
  • Space-saving desktop model.


  • Emergency-stop pushbutton.
  • Internal mechanical overload switch.
  • CE certified.


  • Roller material of chemically inert aluminum oxide (MH9).
  • Scraper System made of plastic.


  • Throughput liters/hour min-max* – 0.02-7.
  • Roller diameter mm – 50.
  • Roller length mm – 150.
  • Roller speed ratio – 3.3 : 1.8 : 1.
  • Roller material – aluminum oxide.

*average depending on the product


A. Plastic Scraper Apron (P/N 22360)
B. Hand Wheel (P/N 22690)
C. Plastic Guides (P/N 22300)
D. Plastic Splash Tray (P/N 22230)


  • Variable-speed motor
  • Aluminum oxide roller material
  • 110V/60Hz operation
  • Higher capacity motor than the classic model
  • Dial indicators for more precision in setting gaps
  • Dust cover
  • Plastic Scraper
    • Adjustable Spring-loaded Scraper System
    • Universal Scraper System with replaceable scraper knives – Optional
  • Self-adjusting scraper with easy to adjust tension
  • Non-corrosive scraper socket, easy to handle
  • Plastic Hopper
  • Preformed splash tray to capture spills

Our Distribution Network

For your convenience EXAKT Technologies works with a select group of companies to distribute the EXAKT Classic 50 and EXAKT 50EC+ Models to pharmacies throughout the United States and Canada.

U.S. Distributors


9901 South Wilcrest Drive
Houston, TX 77099
P: 1-800-331-2498

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Letco Medical 
1316 Commerce Drive, NW
Decatur, AL 35601
P: 1-800-239-5288
F: 1-256-351-1782

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Total Pharmacy Supply, Inc.
3400 Avenue E East
Arlington, TX 76011
P: 1-800-878-2822
F: 1-817-861-8307


Spectrum Pharmacy Products
7400 N. Oracle, Ste. 201
Tucson  AZ  85704
P: 800-370-6231
F: 800-901-5518

Canadian Distributors


PCCA Canada
744 Third Street
London, ON N5V 5J2
P: 800.668.9453 or 519.455.0690
F: 800.799.4537 or 519.455.0697

4555, Beaudry
St-Hyacinthe (Québec)
Canada J2S 8W2
Telephone:  1-800-223-0666
Email: sac@galenova.com