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Ointment Mills for Pharmacy

The EXAKT 80 Three Roll Mill

By February 11, 2020 February 24th, 2020 No Comments

The EXAKT 80 provides higher productivity and more power with the same precision and functionality as the EXAKT 50. This makes it the ideal equipment for a scale-up if higher production volumes are required. The equipment is often used by customers in the ceramic or glass industry, in the preparation of screen-printing pastes or existing color bases as well as in pharmacy or cosmetics. The EXAKT 80 is very simple to operate, reliable, stable and durable. This mill has an exceptional price/performance ratio.

  • Roller gap to 10 μm
  • Precise setting of the roller gap, no dry running possibleEXAKT 80 - Pharmacy Mills
  • Up to 5 l/h throughput with a gap width of 10 μm
  • Ceramic or hardened chrome rollers
  • Higher motor power for highly viscose materials
  • Precise one-hand adjustment, continuous and with scale
  • High safety standard

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