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June 2020

Why Choose EXAKT Ointment Mills

EXAKT EC Plus Ointment Mill

Because precision matters.

Experience – More than 60 years in milling compounds, more than 45,000 systems installed worldwide.

Expertise – Extensive knowledge of applications with a wide variety of materials.

Service – Factory-trained technicians are available to help repair and extend the life of your equipment.

Products – Machines are made for the customer with the highest precision in manufacturing and assembly. And we have the smallest tolerance ranges in the market.

Precision – Nothing says precision and quality like German engineering.

Designed For The Pathology Laboratory

EXAKT pathology lab


Labs are using equipment originally designed to cut wood, stained glass, and even butchered meat. This has led to poor quality samples and extremely dangerous working conditions.


EXAKT’s 312 Pathology Saw was specifically designed for the path lab after years of experience and cooperation with hospitals and universities.


High-quality gross samples with little or no destruction of the tissue, soft or hard. Designed to be safely operated by the PA or Resident without risk of cutting themselves or breathing in aerosolized bone and tissue matter.

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The EXAKT 120EH-250 Three Roll Mill

EXAKT 120E-250 w Hopper Close

The EXAKT 120E provides higher productivity and more power with the same precision as the 80E Plus. This makes it the ideal equipment for a scale-up when higher production volumes are required. Continuously excellent results for particle fineness down to 1 μm and stable production conditions. This mill has proven its worth wherever maximum reproducibility and control are required. This model is found in laboratory and production environments.

  • Achievable fineness of less than 1 μm
  • Gap or power mode optionally selectable per gap
  • One-pass calibration – automatic adjustment of the spacing and parallelism of the rollers
  • Electronic display of all operating parameters
  • DataLog – documentation of processing parameters
  • Throughput up to 14 l/h with a gap width of 5 μm
  • Roller temperature control for optimum process control
  • Safe working – overload protection, cleaning, and reverse mode
  • Scraper knife angle adjustable