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Ointment Mills


These compact bench-top mills are extremely effective on a wide variety of products. With the single-point-gap adjustment, these mills are easy to operate. Particle fineness can be processed in the range of 10 -20 μm.

EXAKT Classic 50

For suspensions, emulsions, and creams there’s nothing more reliable.


Designed to change out roller sets for easy cleaning and avoid cross-contamination.


Superfine models are precision machines used for submicron or nano dispersions. The single-point-gap adjustment makes them easy to use too. Particle fineness can be processed down to 5 μm.

EXAKT 80S Plus

Improved safety standards, easy operation, and even more precise adjustment of the gap.

EXAKT 120S Plus

When increased production and simple operation are required,  the 120S Plus is the best choice.


Electronically controlled mills offer the ultimate in process efficiency, control, and repeatability. The Smart Dispersion display gives unprecedented insight and control of the dispersion process. Particle fineness can be processed in the range of 1-5 μm.

EXAKT 80E Plus

Get faster results with real-time process analysis, and improved safety features.

EXAKT 120EH-450

For more production, the 120EH-450 can process up to 27.5 liters per hour.

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