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Precision and Safety in Grossing

By July 9, 2024 No Comments

EXAKT’s 312 Pathology Saw: Precision and Safety in Grossing

When it comes to pathology, the EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw is a game-changer, offering exceptional performance for grossing tissue and bone samples. Here’s why:

Unmatched Safety
The EXAKT 312 is designed with safety in mind. Its exclusive diamond band grinds rather than cuts, virtually eliminating the risk of injury. The saw includes an automatic shutdown feature when service doors are opened, and continuous water flow over the blade reduces airborne dust and debris.

Precision Cuts
The 312 grosses specimens with quality precision. Freehand cuts down to 1 mm preserve even the smallest anatomical details without artifacts, micro-fractures, or nicks. Enhanced by a laser guide and built-in LED lighting, the saw ensures perfect cuts every time.

Easy Cleanup
The stainless steel housing of the EXAKT 312 is easy to disinfect, with sloped surfaces for optimal water and tissue discharge. Key components can be removed without tools for thorough cleaning, and an integrated water jet cleaner helps maintain a clean work area.

Speed and Efficiency
Developed with input from hospitals and universities, the EXAKT 312 fits seamlessly into fast-paced lab environments. It allows for quick setup and cleanup, and the diamond band can be accessed and changed without tools. The band tension adjustment further enhances its efficiency.

Simple Operation
The EXAKT 312 is designed for ease of use. Magnetic catches allow the housing to open and close effortlessly, and large pulleys extend the diamond band’s service life. The saw’s built-in laser guide and cutting guide make it simple to gross very small, very large, and loose specimens with precision.

For more information about the EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw and to see it in action, click here.