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December 2022

9 Great Highlights: EXAKT 50 EC Plus

EXAKT EC Plus Pharmacy

For producing truly elegant preparations of creams, ointments, or gels there is no tool more effective or more complete than an ointment mill. And the EXAKT 50 EC Plus delivers more control in making elegant preparations.


  1. Roller gap to 10 μm
  2. Precise setting of the roller gap, no dry running possible
  3. Up to 5 l/h throughput with a gap width of 10 μm
  4. Continuously adjustable circumferential speed of the rollers
  5. Interchangeable roller set
  6. Ceramic or hardened chrome rollers
  7. Precise one-hand adjustment, continuous and with scale
  8. Self-adjusting scraper knife
  9. Overload protection

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