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April 2023

How to Clean Your EXAKT Pathology Saw

EXAKT 312 Cleaning

The EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw is easy to operate and clean. The doors, work table, and upper pulley are easy to remove without tools and can be cleaned under running water. Rinsing immediately after use removes any tissue residues from the band. Subsequent samples are not affected and the overall system is far easier to clean.

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4 Advantages Using Three Roll Mills

EXAKT Three Roll Mill for Cosmetics red

Only the three roll mill used in the dispersing process guarantees that 100% of the product will be passed through both shear zones.

  1. The shear rate between the rollers is the decisive factor for the process.
  2. This is determined by the roller spacing and the circumferential speed.
  3. Agglomerates and powder clumps are broken up and homogenized.
  4. The more controlled the energy input, the more precise the processing.

To see more EXAKT three roll mill videos, click here.


EXAKT 50I Tune-Up


Prevent Downtime, Improve Performance

EXAKT’s preventative maintenance program extends the life of your three roll mill and reduces downtime. EXAKT mills last a long time, and a little preventative maintenance will add even more years of reliable performance.

New mill performance without the new mill cost

  • Clean and check roller eccentricity for variance
  • Calibrate rollers to the best operational level
  • Adjust belt tension
  • Inspect product guides, apron, and gears, and replace them as needed
  • Disassemble and deep clean the mill
  • Adjust scraper tension
  • Inspect and lubricate gears
  • Test performance

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We take the hassle out of shipping your mill. Schedule your tune-up, and we’ll send you a secure box with protective foam inserts, labels, and instructions.

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EXAKT Pathology Saws Reduce Aerosolized Formaldehyde

EXAKT Study for Dust Reduction

EXAKT’s water-cooled pathology saw can reduce the amount of aerosolized formaldehyde

As hospitals and other pathology facilities process tissue samples in formaldehyde solution, it produces aerosolized formaldehyde (HCHO) in the air during the cutting process of the tissue samples.  This research measures the level of formaldehyde produced during the processing of the sample (before cutting using the saw machine) and measures the effect of sawing techniques on HCHO emission rate from the cutting of formaldehyde-soaked bone.

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