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September 2023

Designed for the pathology lab

EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw sample cut

Labs are using equipment originally designed to cut wood, stained glass, and even butchered meat. This has led to poor quality samples and extremely dangerous working conditions. EXAKT’s Pathology Saws was specifically designed for the path lab after years of experience and cooperation with hospitals and universities. High-quality gross samples with little or no destruction of the tissue, soft or hard. Designed to be safely operated by the PA or Resident without risk of cutting themselves or breathing in aerosolized bone and tissue matter.

Want to learn more about how to operate the saw? Check out EXAKT’s  Resource page. To see the saw in action, click here.

EXAKT Pathology Saw Sample Cut

EXAKT Ointment Mills Get Results

EXAKT Three Roll Mill with topical

EXAKT three ointment mills deliver results that are consistent and reproducible.

A comparative study conducted at the University of Hamburg, Institute of Pharmacy in Hamburg, Germany concluded that the quality of ointments processed with EXAKT ointment mills is better than those processed with electric mixing systems. The study highlighted the following conclusions:

  1. The particle size is smaller and the particle size distribution is narrower.
  2. Ointment stability is better.
  3. Temperatures do not increase significantly during processing.
  4. Ointments are softer consistency with lower flow limits.
  5. Ointment mills allow for quality control during processing.
EXAKT Ointment Mill Results

Left side: Substance processed with conventional mixing procedure: crystalline substances are still clearly visible. Right side: Substance processed with an EXAKT ointment mill: regular and fine consistency of the substance.

Three Roll Mill Applications

EXAKT three roll mills for CNTs

From the food industry to nanotechnology, EXAKT three roll mills are used in a wide variety of industrial and research applications. No matter which paste must be processed, the EXAKT three roll mills can break open all kinds of agglomerates. This creates substances of the greatest fineness and quality.

  • Adhesives: conductive, filled, underfills
  • Colors: inks, coatings paints
  • Cosmetics: lipsticks, eyeliner, makeup
  • Dental: gels, pastes, restorative materials
  • Electronics: flux, metal or carbon pastes
  • Grease and lubrication
  • Nano Technologies: graphene, CNT, ceramics

Learn more about EXAKT three roll mills. 

EXAKT’s three roll mills are excellent for grease and lubrication applications.

5 Ways EXAKT Pathology Saws Gross with Precision

EXAKT Pathology Saw Cutting Small Smaples

You’ve never seen cuts like these before. The EXAKT Pathology Saws gross specimens with pristine precision.

  1. Freehand cuts down to 1 mm.

  2. Even the smallest anatomic details are preserved.

  3. Outstanding surface quality, with no artifacts, micro-fractures, or nicks; all cell information is preserved for even widely differing tissue densities.

  4. Performs beautifully on very small or very large specimens.

  5. Laser guide, built-in LED lighting, and cutting guides enhance the operator’s ability to make perfectly precise cuts the very first time.

To learn more about EXAKT pathology saws click here. To see the saws in action, click here.

EXAKT Pathology Saw Small Sample

EXAKT Pathology Saw Gross Sample Measurement

EXAKT Technologies Introduces Thermo Fisher Refrigerated Circulators



Oklahoma City, September 5th, 2023: EXAKT Technologies, a pioneer in precision industrial equipment, is excited to announce a new addition to its product lineup. In collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in temperature control technology, EXAKT is now offering Thermo Fisher Refrigerated Circulators alongside their renowned EXAKT Three Roll Mills.

This strategic partnership aims to provide industries with an unparalleled solution that combines precision particle size reduction and controlled temperature environments. By merging the precision engineering of EXAKT’s Three Roll Mills with Thermo Fisher’s expertise in temperature control, manufacturers can expect enhanced product quality, consistency, and efficiency across a range of applications.

EXAKT’s commitment to innovation and excellence is further reinforced by this collaboration, as they continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries relying on materials processing accuracy.

For more information about EXAKT three roll mills and Thermo Fisher refrigerated circulators, click here.