Why Exakt?

Why should I choose an Ointment Mill manufactured by EXAKT?

  • EXAKT is the industry leader and the ointment mill expert!
  • EXAKT has been in business over 60 years and has sold more than 30,000 EXAKT mills worldwide
  • EXAKT mills are German engineered for precision and durability
  • EXAKT’s commitment to top quality material and stringent production standards is unrivaled
  • Parts are manufactured in house, including the critical rollers.
  • Equipment is assembled with meticulous care and thoroughly tested to exacting specifications before leaving the plant.
  • EXAKT’s in-house technical support staff dedicate themselves to providing highly reliable and professional technical support.
  • EXAKT mills last for years!
Why is an EXAKT 50EC + modular ointment mill preferred over other modular mills?

  • Unlike other modular mills that have hollow rollers, the EXAKT 50EC+’s rollers are solid and can be submerged in water for thorough cleaning.
  • The EXAKT 50EC+’s rollers are not spring loaded. The alignment of the gaps is maintained because the rollers remain in one solid unit when removed from the machine, ensuring consistent processing every time!
  • Increased Safety Features – Emergency-stop pushbutton and internal mechanism to sense an overload
  • Higher motor capacity than other modular mills, and 25% more powerful than the original Classic mill, making it even for effective for pastes and highly viscous preparations.
  • The EXAKT 50EC+ is the original modular mill!
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