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Precision and Safety in Grossing

EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw large sample cut

EXAKT’s 312 Pathology Saw: Precision and Safety in Grossing

When it comes to pathology, the EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw is a game-changer, offering exceptional performance for grossing tissue and bone samples. Here’s why:

Unmatched Safety
The EXAKT 312 is designed with safety in mind. Its exclusive diamond band grinds rather than cuts, virtually eliminating the risk of injury. The saw includes an automatic shutdown feature when service doors are opened, and continuous water flow over the blade reduces airborne dust and debris.

Precision Cuts
The 312 grosses specimens with quality precision. Freehand cuts down to 1 mm preserve even the smallest anatomical details without artifacts, micro-fractures, or nicks. Enhanced by a laser guide and built-in LED lighting, the saw ensures perfect cuts every time.

Easy Cleanup
The stainless steel housing of the EXAKT 312 is easy to disinfect, with sloped surfaces for optimal water and tissue discharge. Key components can be removed without tools for thorough cleaning, and an integrated water jet cleaner helps maintain a clean work area.

Speed and Efficiency
Developed with input from hospitals and universities, the EXAKT 312 fits seamlessly into fast-paced lab environments. It allows for quick setup and cleanup, and the diamond band can be accessed and changed without tools. The band tension adjustment further enhances its efficiency.

Simple Operation
The EXAKT 312 is designed for ease of use. Magnetic catches allow the housing to open and close effortlessly, and large pulleys extend the diamond band’s service life. The saw’s built-in laser guide and cutting guide make it simple to gross very small, very large, and loose specimens with precision.

For more information about the EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw and to see it in action, click here.


How EXAKT Three Roll Mills Create Better Ceramic Products

EXAKT three roll mill processesing carbon nanotubes

EXAKT three-roll mills contribute to the creation of better ceramic products through several key mechanisms:

  1. Uniform Dispersion: By effectively breaking down agglomerates and distributing ceramic powders and additives uniformly throughout the matrix, EXAKT three-roll mills ensure homogeneity in ceramic formulations. This leads to consistent material properties, such as mechanical strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance, resulting in better overall product quality.
  2. Controlled Particle Size Reduction: Three-roll mills provide precise control over particle size reduction, allowing manufacturers to achieve the desired particle size distribution tailored to specific ceramic formulations. This control optimizes material characteristics, such as density, porosity, and surface area, which are crucial for achieving desired performance in the final ceramic products.
  3. Improved Material Integrity: The controlled milling process offered by three-roll mills helps minimize defects and irregularities in the ceramic matrix, enhancing material integrity. This results in ceramic products with improved structural integrity, reduced porosity, and fewer imperfections, ultimately enhancing their mechanical properties and overall performance.

Overall, EXAKT three-roll mills contribute to creating better ceramic products by ensuring uniform dispersion, controlled particle size reduction, and improved material integrity, ultimately leading to enhanced product quality and performance in various applications.

6 Highlights of the EXAKT 80S Plus

EXAKT 80S Plus

Improved safety standards, easy operation, and even more precise adjustment of the gap.

The EXAKT 80S PLUS has higher safety standards, easier operation, and an even more precise adjustment of the gap. With a powerful motor, optional temperature control, and the choice of ceramic and metallic rollers, the 80S Plus was designed for processing a wide range of different materials.

This three roll mill works well with both small quantities in the laboratory and larger production quantities. Different working widths and exceptional safety devices ensure ideal working conditions for many products.

  1. Easily monitor speed, temperature, production timer, and power consumption on the color display
  2. Adjustable gap range: 5 to 230 μm
  3. Variable throughput from as little as 10 ml up to 18 l/h at a 10 μm gap
  4. Covers made of stainless steel blasted or optional electro-polished
  5. Roller materials: Chrome, tungsten carbide, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide
  6. Meets or exceeds safety standards specified in ANSI

Learn more about the 80 S Plus

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EXAKT 80S Plus

80S Plus Control Panel

EXAKT Pathology Saws Operate with Speed


Process specimens quickly and accurately with the EXAKT Pathology Saws. Because the saws were developed in cooperation with hospitals and universities, the 312 and 302 fit perfectly in fast routine operations.

  1. Obtain pristine results on the very first cut

  2. Quick and easy setup and clean up with built-in water jet

  3. Access and change the diamond band quickly with no tools whatsoever

  4. Automatic band tension adjustment

  5. Stainless steel design cleans up quickly and thoroughly

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EXAKT Pathology Saw at ASCP 2015

5 Reasons EXAKT Ointment Mills Are Better Than Mixers

Compounding EXAKT

A comparative study conducted at the University of Hamburg, Institute of Pharmacy in Hamburg Germany concluded that the quality of compounds processed with EXAKT ointment mills is better than those processed with electric mixing systems.

  1. The particle size is smaller and the particle size distribution is more narrow.
  2. Ointment stability is better.
  3. Temperatures do not increase significantly during processing.
  4. Ointments are softer consistency with lower flow limits
  5. Three roll mills allow for quality control during processing.


Substance processed with conventional mixing procedure: crystalline substances are still clearly visible.

Substance processed with an EXAKT three roll mill: regular and fine consistency of the substance

EXAKT Pathology Saws Make Cleanup Easy

EXAKT 312 Cleaning

The EXAKT pathology saws make cleanup easy. Really easy! You can see how easy here.

  1. The stainless steel housing is designed for the optimum discharge of water and tissue; easy to disinfect.

  2. All run-off surfaces are sloped.

  3. No tools are needed. Key elements of the saw-like the doors, the top of the work table, or the upper pulley of the saw blade are easy to remove without tools and can be cleaned under running water.

  4. The integrated water jet cleaner effortlessly removes tissue residues from the table while working.

  5. Rinsing immediately after use removes any tissue residues from the band, subsequent samples are not affected and the overall system is far easier to clean.

Tune-up Your Classic 50 Ointment Mill


Prevent Downtime, Improve Performance

EXAKT’s preventative maintenance program extends the life of your mill and reduces downtime. The EXAKT Classic 50 ointment mill lasts a long time, and a little preventative maintenance will add even more years of reliable performance.

New – FREE shipping!
We take the hassle out of shipping your mill. Schedule your tune-up, and we’ll send you a secure box with protective foam inserts, labels, and instructions.

For mills 2-5 years
Ensure performance

  • Clean and check roller eccentricity for variance
  • Calibrate to best operational level
  • Adjust belt tension
  • Evaluate accessories
  • Adjust scraper tension
  • Inspect and lubricate gears,
  • Test performance

$450, free shipping

For mills 5 -10 years 
Extend the life of your mill

  • Includes Level 1Tune-up
  • Replace both cog belts
  • Replace scraper tension spring
  • Inspect product guides, apron, gears, and replace as needed


$650, free shipping


For mills 10+ years 
New mill performance without the new mill cost.

  •  Includes Level 1 & 2 Tune-up
  • Disassemble and deep cleaning
  • Replace (6) bearings
  • Replace and lubricate gears


$1,300, free shipping

Schedule service here. 


EXAKT Pathology Saws are extremely easy to operate


EXAKT Pathology Saws are extremely easy to operate.

  1. The housing simply opens and closes with magnetic catches; the band can be replaced without tools.

  2. Large pulleys contribute to the long service life of the diamond band.

  3. Grosses very small, very large, and loose specimens with ease and precision.

  4. A built-in laser guide makes the cutting procedure easy.

  5. The included cutting guide makes controlling loose samples easy.

Check out our Resources page to learn more.


Change the band on EXAKT’s 302 Pathology Saw without tools.


EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw No Tools

Change the band on EXAKT’s 312 Pathology Saw without tools.