Tune-up  Your Classic 50 Ointment Mill

EXAKT Classic 50

Prevent Downtime, Improve Performance

EXAKT’s preventative maintenance program extends the life of your mill and reduces downtime. EXAKT ointment mills last a long time, and a little preventative maintenance will add even more years of reliable performance.

FREE shipping!*
We take the hassle out of shipping your mill. Schedule your tune-up, and we’ll send you a secure box with protective foam inserts, labels, and instructions.


For mills 2-5 years
Ensure performance

  • Clean and evaluate roller condition
  • Calibrate to the best operational level
  • Adjust belt tension
  • Evaluate accessories
  • Adjust scraper tension
  • Inspect and lubricate gears
  • Test performance

$450, free shipping*

For mills 5 -10 years
Extend the life of your mill

  • Includes Level 1Tune-up
  • Replace both cog belts
  • Replace scraper tension spring
  • Inspect product guides, apron, gears, and replace as needed

$650, free shipping*

For mills 10+ years 
New mill performance without the new mill cost.

  • Includes Level 1 & 2 Tune-up
  • Check eccentricity of rollers for variance
  • Disassemble and deep cleaning
  • Replace (6) bearings
  • Replace and lubricate gears

$1,300, free shipping*

* Some restrictions apply. Free shipping for locations in the United States only.

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