EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw

Diamond Band Saw

The EXAKT 312 is the ultimate sample preparation tool and pathology bone saw. Whether you’re in a hospital or university, it’s the safest and quickest way to gross tissues of all types. The saw is the result of years of practical experience and development cooperation with hospitals and universities, and fits perfectly in fast routine operations.

Outstanding Surface Quality

The saw does not cut, but grinds very precisely. The result is full preservation of the samples, clean surfaces with no artifacts, micro fractures or nicks. All cell information is preserved for even widely differing tissue densities. In addition, water cooling on the saw band insures uniform processing temperatures.

Perfectly Safe

Because the diamond band grinds instead of cuts, there is no immediate risk of injury if the band is touched unintentionally – a first for occupational safety. Problematic samples with implants are accurately and safely processed. Material cannot get caught in the diamond band and so there is no risk of damage. The cutting guide is easy to control, clean and quiet. The water cooling reduces dust formation and thus, the risk of infection.

Easy to Clean

The stainless steel housing is systematically designed for optimum discharge of water and tissue. All run-off surfaces are sloped. Key elements of the saw such as doors, the top of the work table or the upper pulley of the saw blade are easy to remove without tools, and can be cleaned under running water. Rinsing immediately after use removes any tissue residues from the band, subsequent samples are not affected and the overall system is far easier to clean.

  • Excellent grossing tool for large tissues
  • Precision sectioning tool for samples
  • Sections hard or soft tissue

Optional Equipment:

  • For precise alignment and guidance: Line laser for cut orientation, parallel stop
  • LED light strip provides optimal illumination of the workspace
  • Water jet cleaner can be used to effortlessly remove tissue residues from the work table while working
  • Extended spray containment cabinet over the entire workspace provides additional safety
  • Lockable casters make the EXAKT 312 mobile and raise the working height

Technical Specifications*:

  • Width/Depth/Height 924 x 625 x 1527 mm
  • Weight approx. 150 kg
  • Working height approx. 900 mm
  • Cut height max. 210 mm
  • Cut width max. 350 mm
  • Safety standard EN 13849-1, 2006
  • Band speed about 200–1200 m/min

*Subject to technical changes

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