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EXAKT Ointment Mills Get Results

EXAKT Three Roll Mill with topical

EXAKT three ointment mills deliver results that are consistent and reproducible.

A comparative study conducted at the University of Hamburg, Institute of Pharmacy in Hamburg, Germany concluded that the quality of ointments processed with EXAKT ointment mills is better than those processed with electric mixing systems. The study highlighted the following conclusions:

  1. The particle size is smaller and the particle size distribution is narrower.
  2. Ointment stability is better.
  3. Temperatures do not increase significantly during processing.
  4. Ointments are softer consistency with lower flow limits.
  5. Ointment mills allow for quality control during processing.
EXAKT Ointment Mill Results

Left side: Substance processed with conventional mixing procedure: crystalline substances are still clearly visible. Right side: Substance processed with an EXAKT ointment mill: regular and fine consistency of the substance.

What does an ointment mill do?


An ointment mill utilizes high shear force to disperse active ingredients, and homogenize viscous materials. Shear force is created by three horizontally positioned rollers rotating in opposite directions and at different speeds relative to each other.

The product is pulled through the gaps between the rollers. Active ingredients and powder clumps are broken up and homogenized, which removes grittiness and results in a high-quality topical.  This gives your customers a pharmaceutically elegant and effective ointment.

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EXAKT Launches the 50+ Rx 200 Ointment Mill

EXAKT 50+ Rx 200 Pharma Ointment Mill

The new 50+ Rx 200 ointment mill offers significantly higher performance combined with a user-friendly design and operation.

Key Features:

• 70% More power with a 200 W motor

• User-friendly touchpad

• Variable speed control for precision

• Easy one-hand gap adjustment

• One-touch reverse•20 different gap settings for reproducibility

• Emergency stop for safety

• Porcelain Rollers

• Set of Plastic Guides

• Hopper (plastic)

• Scraper (plastic)

• Cleaning Guard

• Splash Tray


9 Highlights: 50I Three Roll Mill

EXAKT 50I Three Roll Mill

The EXAKT 50 I Three Roll Mill is an especially compact, versatile, and easy-to-operate unit for applications where excellent dispersing is essential. Working with separate roller sets is particularly effective in regard to fast cleaning, the avoidance of cross-contamination, and downtimes due to changing the product. EXAKT 50 is indispensable for research, development, and training.

  1. Roller gap to 10 μm
  2. Precise setting of the roller gap, no dry running possible
  3. Up to 5 l/h throughput with a gap width of 10 μm
  4. Adjustable circumferential speed of the rollers
  5. Interchangeable roller set
  6. Ceramic or hardened chrome rollers
  7. Precise one-hand adjustment, continuous and with scale
  8. Self-adjusting scraper knife
  9. Overload protection

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Elegant Ointments

EXAKT ointment mills produced ointments with softer consistency and lower flow limits than those produced with EMPs, most likely due to the significant temperature increase of ointments processed with EMPs (electronic mortar & pestle).