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EXAKT Water-Cooled Band Keeps You Safe

By July 12, 2023 No Comments

EXAKT’s 312 Pathology Saw keeps you safe with the water-cooled band. Learn more at PathologySaw.com

  • Our exclusive Diamond Blade doesn’t cut – it grinds with extreme precision. There’s no immediate risk of injury if the band is accidentally touched: a first for occupational safety.

  • Unlike machines made for butchering, wood, and glass cutting, the 312 is designed specifically for the working conditions and requirements of the pathology lab

  • Moves through screws and metal implants effortlessly

  • Automatic shutdown when service doors are opened

  • Water flows continuously over the blade, virtually eliminating airborne dust and debris

To learn more about EXAKT pathology saws click here. To see more pathology saw videos, click here.