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Diamond Band Saw for larger samples


For cutting the gross sample into faced slabs and cutting thin sections from a block down to 100 mm thickness.

  • No risk of the operator being cut
  • Used for a wide variety of materials and composites
  • Very little cutting loss
  • Outstanding surface quality
  • Minimal thermal loading of the sample
  • Integrated liquid cooling in circulation
  • Multiple clamp devices are available to allow the processing of a variety of sample sizes and shapes
  • Integrated band tension compensation
  • Splash guard for the clean working environment
  • Very precise sample adjustment in microns


The high-precision diamond band saws EXAKT 310 are ideally suited for the separation of highly sensitive
tissue and tissue combinations for histological analysis of muscle tissue, bones and especially bones with implants or

Fresh as well as embedded samples can be precisely processed. Due to the gentle cutting process, the interface between different tissue structures can be maintained. Very smooth, coplanar surfaces and the ability to cut sections down to 100 ɥm thickness allow a high number of sub-samples and minimum cutting loss.

The EXAKT 310 Diamond Band Saw is optionally available in the CL (Contact Line) and CP (Contact Point) version.



  • Footprint (W x D x H mm)  1000 x 1200 x 1350
  • Hight (mm) 1290
  • Operating hight (mm) 570
  • Approx. weight (kg) 160
  • Speed cutting band (m/min)  10–800

Dimensions sample porcessing

  • Max. cutting hight (mm) 205
  • Max. cutting width (mm) 165
  • Tempering
  • Water connection – Inlet (Ø mm) 6
  • Water connection – Outlet (Ø mm) 28
  • Max. water reservoir (l) ca. 5 ca. 10
  • Circulation pump yes
  • Max. ambient temperature (°C) 40

Electrical connection

  • Variant 1: Voltage (V) 1 x 220–240
  • Frequency (Hz)  50–60
  • Power (W)  220
  • Variant 2: Voltage (V) 1 x 100–110
  • Frequency (Hz) 50–60
  • Power (W)  220

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