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EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw


The EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw was designed specifically by and for the pathology laboratory. It can be safely operated with minimal risk of injury or breathing in aerosolized bone and tissue matter. You’ll get high-quality samples with little or no destruction of the tissue, soft or hard.

  • Cuts specimens, not fingers.
  • The safest and quickest way to gross tissues of all types.
  • Achieve unparalleled safety and precision.
  • No decalcification required.
  • UL certified


  • Our exclusive Diamond Band doesn’t cut – it grinds with extreme precision.
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of injury if the band is accidentally touched.
  • Unlike machines made for butchering, wood, and glass cutting, the 312 is designed specifically for the working conditions of the pathology lab.
  • Water flows continuously over the blade, virtually eliminating airborne dust and debris.
  • Moves through screws and metal implants effortlessly

See Dust Reduction Abstract
See Formaldehyde Reduction Abstract



  • You’ve never seen cuts like these before. The 312 Pathology Saw grosses specimens with pristine museum-quality precision.
  • Freehand cuts down to 1 mm
  • Even the smallest anatomic details are preserved.
  • Outstanding surface quality, with minimal artifacts, micro-fractures, or nicks.
  • Cell information is preserved for even widely differing tissue densities.
  • Performs beautifully on very small or very large specimens.
  • Built-in LED lighting, and cutting guides enhance the operator’s ability to make perfectly precise cuts the very first time


  • The stainless steel housing is designed for optimum discharge of water and tissue; easy to disinfect.
  • All run-off surfaces are sloped.
  • No tools needed. Key elements of the saw like the doors, work surface, or the upper pulley are easy to remove without tools and can be cleaned under running water.
  • The integrated water jet cleaner effortlessly removes tissue residues from the table while working.
  • Rinsing immediately after use removes tissue residues from the band.
EXAKT-312-cleaning with water sprayer


  • Developed in cooperation with hospitals and universities, the 312 fits perfectly in fast routine operations.
  • Obtain pristine results on the very first cut.
  • Quick and easy setup and clean up with built-in water jet.
  • Access and change the diamond band quickly with no tools whatsoever.
  • Automatic band tension adjustment.
  • Stainless steel design cleans up quickly and thoroughly.
EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw large sample cut


  • Width/Depth/Height 1000 x 800 x 1550 mm
  • Weight approx. 150 kg
  • Working height approx. 900 mm
  • Cut height max. 220 mm
  • Cut width max. 360 mm
  • Working table (W x D): 685  x 600 mm
  • Safety standard EN 13849-1, 2006
  • Band speed about 200–1200 m/min

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