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Precision Adhesive Press



When preparing a thin section of tissue next to a biomaterial, making sure that the sample is perfectly presented to the abrasive surface is the ultimate key to success. Also, an optically clear field is essential when looking at the sample under the microscope.



In order to insure that all of the precision of the EXAKT Cutting/Grinding Equipment could be maximized, EXAKT, together with Kulzer, developed an adhesive, Technovit 7210, which would provide an even adhesive layer that would not polymerize until exposed to blue light. This way, any bubbles in the adhesive layer could be dealt with before becoming permanent. The Lucite block lets the technician see the spread of the adhesive and view any bubbles that may arise prior to beginning polymerization. The use of this press provides the technician and the researcher with a sample that is not distorted by the adhesive layer underneath it.


  • Dimensions (W x D xH): 10.5″ x 4″x 7.5″


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