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EXAKT 520 Light Polymerization


The EXAKT 520 Light Polymerization Unit can be used to embed specimens for medical research as well as industrial samples. It’s designed to increase to 16 mm the thickness of specimens embedded in Technovit 7200VLC.

  • Controlled polymerization in 2 steps by different wavelength (white / blue light)
  • Avoid polymerization artefacts life cracks or overheating
  • Embedded sample ready in just 8 hours


  • Small, convenient laboratory unit for embedding one to four specimens
  • Four sizes of reusable embedding molds available
  • Specimens can be both air and water-cooled during the polymerization process
  • Internal controls provide optimal utilization of lamps for maximum efficiency
  • Greater flexibility in specimen thickness
  • Minimal thermal impact on the sample
  • Stable polymerization with a high degree of plastic hardness
  • Minimal formation of bubbles or cracks
  • Reusable embedding molds
  • Water-cooling capability


  • Weight 12.5 kg
  • Embedding molds for the efficient embedding of specimens with a maximum size of 80 X 50 X 16 mm (L-W-H).
  • Operating Size: 600w x 450d x 400h mm
  • Voltage 110 V
  • Power 30 W
  • For cooling, water supply and drain  are necessary
  • Water Usage 3-4 L/hour

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