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In medical research, it is difficult to fully infiltrate a sample with resin (Technovit 7200). Poor infiltration leaves openings in the sample surface that can lead to damaged cell structure or staining artifact. The EXAKT 530 block drying, infiltration, and polymerization unit is engineered to solve these problems.

  • Block drying tissue samples.
  • Infiltration of samples which are insufficiently infused with plastic.
  • Light polymerization of samples that are embedded in plastic.
  • The polymerization is performed using blue light, not UV light.


Previously, repairing samples required placing the sample back in the liquid resin until the solid resin dissolved back into a liquid. This is extremely time-consuming.

With the EXAKT Re-Infiltration Unit, the poorly infiltrated sample can be dried, re-infiltrated with liquid resin (Technovit 7200), and the resin polymerized in a matter of hours. For researchers working with bone and other thick samples where plastic embedding is the protocol of choice, this unit saves time and money.


  • Dimensions (Wx H x D): 210mm x 270 mm x 280mm
  • Working area (W x H x D): 400mm x 190mm x 300mm
  • Weight: 12kg (without vacuum pump)
  • Electrical connection (plug type) International plug type F or CEE 7/4
  • Power: 30 watts
  • Voltage: 110, 230
  • Frequency in Hz: 50, 60

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