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Embedding Media

Technovit 7200 VLC

The first photocuring, one-component resin available for embedding tissue or other samples for the EXAKT Cutting/Grinding Technique. This resin will completely infiltrate both hard and soft tissue and polymerize at a temperature below 40° C. It also is compatible with most water-soluble histologic stains.


VLC Adhesive

7230 VLC Adhesive

Used in conjunction with the EXAKT Technovit 7200, this adhesive is used to glue an already faced sample to the bottom of the embedding mold to preserve the plane parallelism already initiated in sectioning the gross sample.

 7210 VLC Adhesive

The EXAKT Technovit 7210 is a photocuring adhesive that is used together with the Precision Adhesive Press to insure that samples ground on the EXAKT Grinding Systems are presented evenly to the abrasive surface.

4000 Adhesive

The EXAKT Technovit 4000 is used with the Vacuum Adhesive Press to mount embedded specimens that were faced before embedding. As a thick epoxy it fills in any planar deviations that occur during polymerization.

EXAKT microscope sample

Microscope Slides and Storage Containers

EXAKT’s Cutting/Grinding Technique is best performed using plastic microscope slides. We provide a variety of these slides for your convenience because many samples are too large to fit on a standard 1″x3″ slide. Our storage containers are also useful for slides that are larger than standard Petrographic Slides. EXAKT storage containers accommodate slides as large as 50 mm x 100 mm (2″ x 4″).


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