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EXAKT 120EH-450 Three Roll Mill


  • Achievable fineness of less than 1 μm
  • Throughput up to 14 or 27.5 l/h with a gap width of 5 μm
  • Gap or power mode optionally selectable per gap
  • One-pass calibration – automatic adjustment of the spacing and parallelism of the rollers


The EXAKT 120EH-450 is the highest performance three roll mill of the E-Line series. Developed for production, the mill offers options for the automatic filling, monitoring, and cooling. The electronic control concept enables the precise setting of all relevant processing parameters. Recurrent production processes can also be programmed and all operating parameters continuously stored. This means they are available at any time for documentation or for subsequent analysis of the results. Reproducible, consistent and documented quality is the precondition for efficient production.


  • Electronic display of all operating parameters
  • DataLog – documentation of processing parameters
  • Roller temperature control for optimum process control
  • Safe working – overload protection, cleaning and reverse mode
  • Scale-up from the laboratory to production


  • Colors: Inks, Coatings,Paints
  • Electronics: Flux, Metal or Carbon Pastes
  • Adhesives: Conductive, Filled, Underfills
  • Cosmetics: Lipsticks, Eyeliner, Makeup
  • Dental: Gels, Pastes, Restorative Materials
  • Nano Technologies: Graphene, CNT, Ceramics
  • Food: Chocolate, Nut Pastes

Materials and Coatings

For optimum results, we offer a range of roller materials for your three roll mill. Our experts can help you chose which material is best for your application.

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Hard chromium plated
  • Silicon carbide
  • Tungsten carbide plated
  • Super finish – aluminum oxide

Optional Equipment

  • Level control kit
  • Production kit
  • DataLog
  • Additional stop switches
  • Nip guard
  • Hopper – stainless steel (comes standard)
  • Hopper – PFA coated
  • Nip guard PFA coated
  • Solvent dispenser
  • Scraper constriction
  • Polished cover surface
  • Adapter for ceramic knife


  • Throughput  60 l/h
  • Roller diameter  120mm
  • Roller width 450mm
  • Roller speed ration 9:3:1
  • Max usable working width 420mm
  • Min gap 5-0 µm
  • Max gap 150 µm
  • Power (kw) 3×400 V50 Hz
  • Min speed 30
  • Max speed 600
  • Force mode: standard

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