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EXAKT 80E Plus Three Roll Mill


Experience Smart Dispersion

  • Know what’s happening in the gap with real-time analysis
  • Continuous recording and documentation of production parameters
  • Designed for safety – more optional safety equipment than ever before
  • Throughput up to 18 l/h at a 10 μm gap
  • Adjustable gap size from 5 to 180 μm
  • One-pass calibration with auto adjustment
  • Meets or exceeds the safety requirements specified in ANSI.
  • Self-aligning scraper apron/knife with adjustable tension
  • All stainless steel surfaces for easy cleaning
  • More power with smoother, quieter operation
EXAKT 80E Plus Hopper


The 80E Plus three roll mill delivers fast-dispersing results with real-time process analysis. Users will have more information than ever before, and the ability to make adjustments on the go. We call it Smart Dispersion.

  • View real-time analysis of the dispersion process
  • Identify developing problems before they get out of control
  • Make quick and easy in-process corrections to stabilize the process


Optional safety equipment is available in three different widths 85mm, 170mm, 200mm.

  • Safety bridge
  • Nip cover
  • Safety cover
  • Safety hopper
  • Splash guard
  • Nip guard
EXAKT 80E Plus Safety bridge

Roller Materials & Coatings

For optimum results, we offer a range of roller materials for your three roll mill. Our experts can help you chose which material is best for your application.

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Hard chrome plated
  • Silicon carbide
  • Tungsten carbide plated
EXAKT three roll mill rollers being manufactured


  • Colors: Inks, Coatings,Paints
  • Electronics: Flux, Metal or Carbon Pastes
  • Adhesives: Conductive, Filled, Underfills
  • Cosmetics: Lipsticks, Eyeliner, Makeup
  • Dental: Gels, Pastes, Restorative Materials
  • Nano Technologies: Graphene, CNT, Ceramics
  • Food: Chocolate, Nut Pastes
EXAKT 80E Plus red cosmetic on mill

Add a Thermo Fisher Circulator

The ARCTIC A10 Refrigerated Circulator is a great match with the EXAKT 80E Plus.

Thermo Scientific™ A10 refrigerated bath circulators provide efficient cooling for open and closed applications, with temperatures ranging from −10° to +100°C and a maximum bath volume of 6 liters. Powerful bath circulators with a stainless-steel reservoir can be configured with the controller that best meets circulation and temperature ranges for your application.

Ask your EXAKT rep to add this circulator to your quote.



  • Throughput (liters/hour): 20
  • Roller diameter (mm): 80
  • Roller width (mm): 200
  • Max useable working width (mm): 170
  • Roller speed ratio: 9:3:1
  • Min. gap (µm): 5 – 0
  • Max gap (µm): 200
  • Power (kw): 3×400 V 50 Hz
  • Min speed: 30
  • Max speed: 600
  • Force mode: standard

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