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EXAKT Three Roll Mills for Cosmetics


EXAKT three roll mills break up agglomorates creating fineness and quality in eash dispersion.

  • Maximize color brilliance, gloss, and particle fineness
  • Excellent for breaking agglomerates
  • Superb at dispersing pigment to the micron level
Three Roll Mills for Cosmetics

What can a three roll mill do?

A three roll mill utilizes high shear force to disperse agglomerates, and homogenize viscous materials.

Shear force is created by three horizontally positioned rollers rotating in opposite directions and at different speeds relative to each other.

The product is pulled through the gaps between the rollers. Agglomerates and powder clumps are broken up and homogenized.

EXAKT Three Roll Mill Graphic

Three Roll Mill Advantages

Only the three roll mill used in the dispersing process guarantees that 100% of the product will be passed through both shear zones.

  • The shear rate between the rollers is the decisive factor for the process.
  • This is determined by the roller spacing and the circumferential speed.
  • Agglomerates and powder clumps are broken up and homogenized.
  • The more controlled the energy input, the more precise the processing.

Image – Left side: Substance processed with conventional mixing procedure. Crystalline substances are still clearly visible. Right side: Substance processed with an EXAKT three roll mill shows uniform and fine consistency.

EXAKT Three Roll Mill Comparison

Cosmetic Applications

  • Lipsticks
  • Eyeliner
  • Makeup

Which Mill Fits Your Needs

G-Series: These compact bench-top units are extremely effective with cosmetics, budget-friendly, and easy to operate with single-point gap adjustment.

S-Series: Superfine models are precision machines used when the finest quality and particle sizes are required.

E-Series: Electronically controlled mills offer the ultimate in process efficiency, control, and repeataility.

EXAKT 80E Plus red product

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