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EXAKT Ointment Mills

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EXAKT Three Roll Mill red cosmetic product

EXAKT three roll mills

offer unmatched precision

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Cuts specimens, not fingers

EXAKT Pathology Saws

Because safety matters

Learn MoreEXAKT 302 Pathology Saw with stainless steel worksurface
EXAKT Thin Section Techonology

Thin Section Technology

on another level

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EXAKT Three Roll Mill Service

Service and parts for your equipment

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Precision matters.

Exakt 300 CL For Thin Section Cutting

Thin Section Technology

for biomaterial research

Exakt 80E Plus for Three Roll Mills

Three Roll Mills

for cosmetics, inks,
lubricants and more

Exakt 302 Pathology Saw

Pathology Saws

for hospitals and researchers

exakt 50 ointment mill

Ointment Mills

for compounding pharmacies

Cuts specimens, not fingers.

Dramatically reduce your risk of injury with EXAKT pathology saws. The only saws designed by and for the pathology lab.

EXAKT 80E Plus red product

EXAKT three roll mills offer unmatched precision.

EXAKT three roll mills break up agglomerates creating fineness and quality in each dispersion. These mills are known around the world for safety, durability, and precision.

Thin section technology on another level.

EXAKT thin section cutting technology is a combined system for targeted sectioning and treatment of highly sensitive materials for medicine or industry.

EXAKT 300 Close up view

EXAKT ointment mills ensure the finest results in topical applications.

For producing truly elegant preparations of creams, ointments, or gels there is no tool more effective than an ointment mill.

EXAKT Three Roll Mill Service Woman

Service and parts for your equipment.

Whether you need replacement parts, repairs, or advice, EXAKT has factory-trained technicians and expert technical support to help you. We’ll make sure your equipment works the way it should.

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Tune-up Your Classic 50 Ointment Mill

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Prevent Downtime, Improve Performance EXAKT’s preventative maintenance program extends the life of your mill and reduces downtime. The EXAKT Classic 50 ointment mill lasts a long time, and a little…
EXAKT Study for Dust Reduction

EXAKT’s Pathology Saw Reduces Bone Dust

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Water flows continuously over the blade, significantly reducing airborne dust and debris Dust and debris during the cutting of hard and soft tissue is an environmental and health safety issue.…
EXAKT Classic 50

When to replace the guides and scraper on your ointment mill

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Keep your mill performing at a high level. Often times what you think is a problem with the mill is really just a worn-out scraper and/or guides. If used on…
EXAKT 312 Pathology Saw sample cut

Designed for the pathology lab

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Labs are using equipment originally designed to cut wood, stained glass, and even butchered meat. This has led to poor quality samples and extremely dangerous working conditions. EXAKT’s Pathology Saws…