Larger Batch Mills

We are preparing larger batch sizes and we need a larger mill.

Congratulations on your growing business! EXAKT has several larger ointment mills to choose from, and we understand that this is can be a challenging decision. Our experts are available to discuss the differences between the various models and help you to decide which of EXAKT’s larger mills is the right choice for your pharmacy’s continued growth. Depending upon your current batch size and frequency of use, the EXAKT 80 High Capacity models may be an option for your growing business.

The EXAKT 80 S Plus is a larger and more substantial machine than the EXAKT 50 models, providing greater production capacity. The EXAKT 80 should be considered if you are processing batches in the 2-10kg range on a daily or weekly basis and more than 4 times per month. Depending upon the product being milled, this machine produces output quantities from .02 to 20 liters per hour, dramatically increasing your productivity.

Pharmacies that specialize in topical preparations and are processing greater than 10kg at a time several times per week, should consider the EXAKT 120S Plus model. This is the ideal option for pharmacies anticipating rapid growth in their topical business and who are investing in the future growth of their business.

Depending upon the product being milled, the EXAKT 120S Plus produces output quantities from 1 to 60 liters per hour, particles fineness as low as 1 micron and has many features not available on the EXAKT 80 and smaller models.

Did you know that EXAKT offers Electronic mills?
If your pharmacy adheres to stringent quality standards and requires increased repeatability, an electronic mill may be the answer.

EXKAT 120S Plus HMI hopper

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