Designed for Pathology

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EXAKT’s 312 Pathology saw was designed specifically for the requirements of pathology.

  • Freehand cuts down to 1mm possible
  • Reduces risk of injury to the operator
  • Mobile and universal use
  • Extremely easy to operate and clean

Designed for Pathology

Why More Labs Are Choosing EXAKT

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Processing bone and bone/soft tissue samples with a butcher’s saw produces poor results and handling is extremely dangerous.

Even small diamond saws create artifact and limit the size of a sample that can be grossed.  And neither can easily handle the surprise of an implanted device.

The EXAKT Pathology Saw provides quick, precise sectioning of the sample. It delivers debris-free, undamaged surfaces for Surgical Pathology and cassette-size samples to enhance tissue processing for histology. It combines the highest level of safety with equally high-quality results.