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It’s all about the diamond band

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Diamond Band - Special characteristics: Distortion-free / corrosion-free stainless steel Single diamond layer, nickel embedded Different band thicknesses and grain sizes Minimized kerf-loss Learn more here.       

Introducing a New and Smaller Pathology Saw

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SMALLER FOOTPRINT, LOWER PRICE Designed for tight spaces and tight budgets, this new saw is perfect for any pathology lab. The new 302 is a smaller version of the EXAKT…
EXAKT Classic 50 Ointment Mill

Where can you get an EXAKT Ointment Mill?

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Our Distribution Network For your convenience, EXAKT Technologies works with a select group of companies to distribute the EXAKT Classic 50 and EXAKT 50EC+ models to pharmacies throughout the United…

Get $500 Off an EXAKT Ointment Mill

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This discount applies to the EXAKT 50 Ointment Mill with All Accessories. Don't miss out! Go to the PCCA Summer Compounding Sale    

Elegant Ointments

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EXAKT ointment mills produced ointments with softer consistency and lower flow limits than those produced with EMPs, most likely due to the significant temperature increase of ointments processed with EMPs…
Three Roll Mill Process

What does an ointment mill do?

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An ointment mill utilizes high shear force to disperse active ingredients, and homogenize viscous materials. Shear force is created by three horizontally positioned rollers rotating in opposite directions and at…

The EXAKT 120EH-450 Three Roll Mill

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The EXAKT 120EH-450 is the highest performance three roll mill of the E-Line series. Developed for production, the mill offers options for the automatic filling, monitoring, and cooling. The electronic…
Compounding EXAKT

Why Choose EXAKT Ointment Mills

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Because precision matters. Experience – More than 60 years in milling compounds, more than 45,000 systems installed worldwide. Expertise – Extensive knowledge of applications with a wide variety of materials.…

Designed For The Pathology Laboratory

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Problem: Labs are using equipment originally designed to cut wood, stained glass, and even butchered meat. This has led to poor quality samples and extremely dangerous working conditions. Solution: EXAKT’s…

The EXAKT 120EH-250 Three Roll Mill

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The EXAKT 120E provides higher productivity and more power with the same precision as the 80E Plus. This makes it the ideal equipment for a scale-up when higher production volumes…

How to Clean Your Pathology Saw

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Check out the video below to learn more about cleaning your pathology saw. Cleaning your saw after each use will help improve the safety and performance of your machine. Warning: …
EXAKT Pathology Saw Service

Improve The Performance of Your Pathology Saw

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Replacing key parts will extend the life of your saw and improve its performance. The single best way to improve performance is to make your cutting band is replaced annually.…