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August 2023

3 Distinct Advantages Using EXKAT Ointment Mills

EXAKT ECPlus & Classic50-Pharmacy-Counter

Ointment mills (three roll mills) offer a distinct advantage over other mixing techniques. Only the ointment mill used in the dispersing process guarantees that 100% of the product will be passed through both shear zones. This is why no mixer can do what an ointment mill does.

  1. The shear rate between the rollers is the decisive factor for the process.
  2. Agglomerates and powder clumps are broken up and homogenized.
  3. The more controlled the energy input, the more precise the processing.

For producing truly elegant preparations of creams, ointments, or gels there is no tool more effective or more complete than an EXAKT ointment mill.

EXAKT Dispersion Process