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June 2023

6 Great Features of the 80S Plus

The new EXAKT 80S PLUS has higher safety standards, easier operation, and an even more precise adjustment of the gap. With a powerful motor, optional temperature control, and the choice of ceramic and metallic rollers, the new 80S Plus was designed for processing a wide range of different materials.

This three roll mill works well with both small quantities in the laboratory and larger production quantities. Different working widths and exceptional safety devices ensure ideal working conditions for many products.

  1. Easily monitor speed, temperature, production timer, and power consumption on the color display
  2. Adjustable gap range: 5 to 230 μm
  3. Variable throughput from as little as 10 ml up to 18 l/h at a 10 μm gap
  4. Covers made of stainless steel blasted or optional electro-polished
  5. Roller materials: Chrome, tungsten carbide, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide
  6. Meets or exceeds safety standards specified in ANSI

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EXAKT 80S Plus

EXAKT Launches the 50+ Rx 200 Ointment Mill

EXAKT 50+ Rx 200 Pharma Ointment Mill

The new 50+ Rx 200 ointment mill offers significantly higher performance combined with a user-friendly design and operation.

Key Features:

• 70% More power with a 200 W motor

• User-friendly touchpad

• Variable speed control for precision

• Easy one-hand gap adjustment

• One-touch reverse•20 different gap settings for reproducibility

• Emergency stop for safety

• Porcelain Rollers

• Set of Plastic Guides

• Hopper (plastic)

• Scraper (plastic)

• Cleaning Guard

• Splash Tray


7 Reasons to Choose the EXAKT 80E Plus Three Roll Mill

EXAKT80E Pus Hopper

The 80E PLUS three roll mill delivers faster-dispersing results with real-time process analysis. By combining high-precision mechanical design with a state-of-the-art electronic control system, EXAKT has created the new standard for three roll mill technology.

Users will have more information than ever before, and the ability to make adjustments on the go.

  1. Safe operation mode for the cleaning process
  2. Numeric or graphical real-time presentation of all relevant production parameters
  3. Easy to use data transfer via USB interface
  4. Gap Mode: Adjustable gap size from 5 to 180 μm
  5. Force Mode: Line pressure adjustable up to max. 26 N/mm, depending on the working width
  6. Variable throughput from as little as 10 ml up to 18 l/h at a 10 μm gap
  7. Roller materials chrome, tungsten carbide, aluminum oxide, or silicon carbide

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5 Reasons to Choose EXAKT Ointment Mills

EXAKT EC Plus Pharmacy

Because precision matters.

EXAKT produces the most precise, safe, and user-friendly machines in their respective industries. These products are an investment meant to last. The “Made in Germany” stamp you see on each of our machines embodies the meticulous attention to detail and pride in workmanship. Our equipment is something special, and we want you to experience it.

Here are 5 reasons to choose an EXAKT ointment mill.

  1. Experience – More than 60 years in milling compounds, more than 45,000 systems installed worldwide.
  2. Expertise – Extensive knowledge of applications with a wide variety of materials.
  3. Service – Factory-trained technicians are available to help repair and extend the life of your equipment.
  4. Products – Machines are made for the customer with the highest precision in manufacturing and assembly. And we have the smallest tolerance ranges in the market.
  5. Precision – Nothing says precision and quality like German engineering.

Watch and learn more about EXAKT mills here. 

EXAKT Dispersion Process

How to Improve the Performance of Your Pathology Saw

EXAKT Pathology Saw Service

Replacing key parts will extend the life of your saw and improve its performance. The single best way to improve performance is to make your cutting band is replaced annually. For frequent users, replace the cutting band every six months.

Whether you need replacement parts, repairs, or advice, EXAKT has factory-trained technicians and expert technical support to help you. We’ll make sure your equipment works the way it should.

Don’t forget to check out the Pathology Saw Resources page where you can watch and learn from videos designed to improve your experience with the saw.